Boucherie Maison Le Blanc

La boucherie Leblanc

- Liège -

Over time, of course, techniques have changed, borders have broken down, tastes have become finer and more diverse. As they say in French quite rightly, gastronomy is a living thing.

And our butcher is still letting our clients, loyal or curious, discover meat that is amazing, sometimes rare, but always selected and prepared with the same care.

In addition to craftsmanship and advice of the 'local butcher", Leblanc offers you its catering service, cooking that is simple or prestigious.

Reinventing oneself everyday, but perfectly in tune with the founding values. That is our ambition.



I hate reality
but it's still
the best place
to get
a good steak.
Woody Allen

Boucherie Le Blanc Boucherie Le Blanc Boucherie Le Blanc Boucherie Le Blanc
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- 04 223 31 43 - 5 rue lulay des fèbvres - 4000 Liège -

Open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Boucherie Maison Le Blanc

Passage obligatoire pour tout amateur de viande ! Je n'avais pas mangé d'aussi bonnes frites depuis mon enfance sans compter les saveurs particulières dans la salade... Et je conseille de terminer avec le "Véritable Café Liégeois"...

Pascal Everaert
de Liège

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I reeeeeeally luv it !!!

Chadia Wazni
de Antwerp
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