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Couverts Maison Le Blanc

The best meat deserves the shortest path between the stall and the plate. This is why our butcher and chef, refrigerators and stoves are so close to each other. Meat from Belgium and the world, the best cuts, the right cooking, the ideal accompaniment; everything here leads to what you want.

Walking through the Maison Leblanc, one of Belgium’s finest meat restaurants, is like walking through continents. It is like discovering a family tradition without forgetting a few side roads, or crossing pastures that are near or far, admiring vines that are classic or new. It also means reconnecting with the certainty that quality and quantity actually go well together.

our restaurant in Liège

You become
a cook,
but are born
a roaster.

Boucherie Maison Le Blanc

The variety of sources, our experience, rigour and creativity allow us to present you with the best cuts of meat and the widest range of preparations.

From a perfect mince to traditional Liège pudding, from Black Angus to the Wagyu, discover – while you are at it – some sixty sausage barbecue recipes and our 'Dry Aged Meat' such as the Blonde of Galicia, Normandy and Salers.

And then, there are the beautiful surprises that different origins and seasons reserve for you, as well as meat and prepared dishes that are born with them. With fine and varied meats, everything is in place to also delight you at home.

Notre boucherie à Liège

Cooking is when things taste like what they are. Curmonsky

Boucherie Maison Le Blanc

Maison Leblanc is een aanrader voor iedereen die graag geniet van kwaliteitsvlees, en dit tegen een zeer goede prijs. Niet alleen is het eten zeer lekker en verzorgd, ook het interieur is verrassend leuk. De ervaring is volledig dankzij de vlotte en uiterst vriendelijke bediening ( dit in 3 talen). Reserveren is geen must, maar indien je zeker wil zijn, is het handig even te bellen aangezien Maison Leblanc bij veel mensen in de smaak valt.

Stijn Branckaert
de Geraardsbergen

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Viande excellente l'assiette jambon ibérique et le gaspacho en entrée; suivi d'une entrecôte et d'un steak du Piémont, avec de vrais frites suites au blanc de boeuf. Quel délice. Cuisson saignant au top. Un patron passionné qui vous donnera tous les conseils sur la viande. A recommander !

Marie-Claire de Bièvre
de Bruxelles
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